Summer Institute 2021

I was scheduled to do a featured presentation at the International Conference on Thinking in Melbourne, Australia, the week of July 4th. But that conference has now been postponed and, at the same time, many of you have been asking me when I will be doing more workshops on Thinking-Based Learning. So now I am planning a four-day workshop on the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th of July on How to Infuse the teaching of thinking into Contant Instruction — what we call Thinking-Based Learning. It will be planned for 9:00 am to 4:30 pm each of the first three days, and from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm on the 8th, and will concentrate on TBL classroom techniques to achieve students learning to become skillful thinkers, and how to use this to enrich and deepen their content learning and transfer it to contexts in life outside of school. And I will build in segments of the program in which we will guide participants to develop their own TBL lessons and activities for the students they teach.

Nevertheless, this is only a month away and many of you may already have made plans for the week of the 4th of July. So, I would like to take a survey of those of you who are interested in this. This will not be a commitment but just a quick survey. If enough of you respond I will go ahead and officially offer this program and give you a chance to enroll.

Here are more details. I will be the main presenter but joined by certified TBL teachers who will show the participants TBL lessons that they have developed and taught with success on the same thinking skills. The grade level will be from infants to Bachillerato. The presentation will be in English but there will be a special Spanish translation for those of you who need it. All participants will receive a special digital packet of materials to be used in the workshop but also to develop their own TBL lessons. And this four-day workshop will count towards certifying participants as TBL teachers.

The four-day fee for the onsite program will be kept low to cover costs: it will be the equivalent of 425 euros. For schools wishing to send six or more teachers to the institute, the fee will be reduced to 350 euros per person. For the online program only, the fee is 350 euros per person.  

So please, if you are interested in this program, email my assistant, Maria Jose at . Just mention that you are interested in this program.

Please do this by Monday the 20th of June, at the latest. If enough people say they are interested I will go ahead and fully develop the program and send you a registration form. The program will be sponsored by the Center for Teaching Thinking and listed on its website

The program, as I am designing it, will show you how to teach students to:

  • Think carefully and well when they engage in basic forms of Critical Thinking, including Predicting Consequences, Determining Causes, and Judging the Reliability of Sources of Information
  • Think carefully and well when they engage in basic forms of Creative Thinking, including Developing  Creative Ideas to Accomplish an Objective, and Certifying that these ideas will work
  • Use these to enrich the way they Make Decisions and Solve Problems carefully and well
  • Express these with techniques for Exending Good Thinking into Good Writing
  • Use these to Deepen and Enrich their Content Learning
  • And use all of this to Develop and Enrich Extended Problem-Based and Project-Based units (PBL).

Our visiting teachers will show you how they have set this instructional framework into their standard content instruction and extended it to life outside school. We will have examples from infant’s education, primary education to specialized Secondary instruction.

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