Visual Thinking

Garbiñe Larralde, who has a wonderful talent to express ideas visually, in a format that she calls “Visual Thinking”, attended the three-part workshop series that we offer to teachers about how to bring TBL into their classrooms. And as she went through the workshops, she, of course, took notes and wrote what she was learning in her own visual style, which left us wonderful drawings that say much more than simple words can convey about how TBL works. So, I thought I would show you a cluster of illustrations for you to reflect on what she is telling us about teaching thinking and especially about TBL. These drawings are really interesting, as well as seeing TBL through the eyes of a wonderfully perceptive person who sees, understands and expresses things visually.

TBL Workshop 1: Teaching Thinking
TBL Workshop 1: Teaching Thinking
TBL TS Compare and Contrast
TBL Compare and Contrast
TBL Workshop 2.1: types of thinking
TBL Workshop 2.1: Types of Thinking

Teaching Thinking: 9 Basic Principles

Metacognition Ladder
Metacognition Ladder

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